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Shunk-Kender Photography Collection, 1958-1973

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Artists, 1958-1973

Harry Shunk Photography Collection, 1951-1958, 1974-2006

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Artists, 1974-1987
Early Photographs, 1951-1958
Late Photographs, 1988-2006


The Harry Shunk Archive is comprised of two collections of photographic material. The Shunk-Kender Photography Collection contains the work of Harry Shunk and János [Jean] Kender as a collaborative team, and represents the most concentrated work of the archive. The Harry Shunk Photography Collection contains the early and late work of Harry Shunk as an individual.

Highlights of the Shunk-Kender images include images as diverse as the photomontage created by Shunk-Kender in 1960 and their working shots of Yves Klein's iconic action in a Paris suburb entitled Le Saut dans le vide [Leap into the Void] to the duo's photographs of landmark exhibitions such as When Attitudes Become Form (1969) and Pier 18 (1971). Monumental installations by artists such as Christo, Niki de Saint Phalle, Claes Oldenburg, Jean Tinguely and others as well as comprehensive coverage of biennales and Worlds' Fairs, art parties, Nouveau réaliste and conceptual art performances in Paris and New York and gallery shows are an integral part of the archive. Early and rarely reproduced photographs featuring Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Alan Kaprow, Yayoi Kusama, Robert Rauschenberg, and Andy Warhol are featured as well. Many other emerging and important artists, critics and collectors from 1973 until the early twenty-first century taken only by Shunk exist as well.
On this page you will find a list of all the inventoried artists and links to PDFs of low-resolution scans of all the master images. This content is available for BOTH collections, including Shunk-Kender as a collaborative team and Harry Shunk as an individual.

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The Roy Lichtenstein Foundation currently holds the photographers' copyrights for both Shunk-Kender images and Harry Shunk images (this will shift to the Getty Trust in early 2014), but not for the artworks of the depicted visual artists. These latter permissions must be obtained from the artists themselves or other parties owning the copyright.

A. [Until the Getty transfer] For any photograph archivally dated as being taken between 1958 and 1973, the following credit line must be used:

Photo: Shunk-Kender © Roy Lichtenstein Foundation

Please note that any photographic print whose image was taken between 1958 and 1973 should be credited to "Shunk-Kender" even if it bears a copyright stamp of "Harry Shunk" or any other markings.

B. [Until the Getty transfer] For any photograph archivally dated as being taken between 1951-1957 and 1974-2006, the following credit line must be used:

Photo: Harry Shunk © Roy Lichtenstein Foundation

C. After the requested images are selected, a caption must be submitted before final Foundation permission is granted.

Images intended for publication of any kind must be accompanied by an approved caption and photographers' credit. The full caption and credit must appear in close proximity to the image or in the illustration list of the publication. Abbreviation is not permitted.

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